Creating a Culture That Works - What Does it Take to Build and Retain a Team of Top Performers

  • $395.00

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions before?


Why can't your employees just do what you hired them to do?

Why are other practices running smoothly and yours does not?

How can I have less stress in my practice?


Working with a team is more desirable than working with employees.

The many aspects of building and retaining a team of top performers will be discussed:

→ Getting your team on the same page


→ Hiring


→ Performance reviews


→ Compensation discussions


→ "Creating your culture"


→ How to coach your team


→ How to give feedback as the coach



You will have actionable items after each section of the webinar.



Identify your office/team culture

Determine what each team members responsibilities are

Demonstrate the proper way to conduct performance reviews

Discuss compensation of each team member

Recognize the role of coach and how to give feedback